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VENM Self-Defense Wearables Line Debuts The Black Mamba Ring 12/2019

VENM has designed a line of wearables that not only defends but can obtain DNA, helping to increase reporting numbers and the likelihood of attackers getting caught.

The Problem With Collecting DNA During/After Aggravated or Sexual Assaults

Too many rape kits are sitting in storage facilities, and DNA is not only hard to collect, but hard to preserve. This makes justice even harder to serve. Using wearable weapons to protect yourself gives you the best odds of surviving, and preventing, an attack. VENM’s proprietary design includes a snake mouth with 15 fangs and a grooved cavity; both function to scrape, scrape, and hold DNA in the mouth so it can be used as proof of attack, and/or to identify an attacker.

The Story of VENM

VENM is a woman-owned, mission driven company that designs and produces products in New York City. Each purchase allows us to support victims and the community, bringing Self-Defense classes to the most dangerous cities in the world. We’ve also partnered up with some fantastic companies who help support and promote our mission as well as theirs.

When To Wear Self-Defense Jewelry

Self-defense and preparedness for potential danger not only prevent attack, but they make you more keen and sharp about your surroundings. VENM’s rings can be worn at any time, which is why we’ve focused on high-design, proprietary functionality, and a unique presence that both looks intimidating and mysterious, but it’s a discreet wearable where no one would ever think it could effectively pierce the skin of an attacker and provide an opportunity for you to escape, with their skin cells/blood.

Runners find a lot of value in wearables — but what do runners use for personal safety? Most of the self-defense tools or items for runners have to be held or carried. Our VENM SPORT line offers active people options for wearables that can be comfortably worn, discreetly, and withstand sweat and activity.

How Does VENM Actually Work

We’ve designed the line to mimic the animal kingdom’s natural weapon of Venom.

Self-Defense Ring

The fangs of our Black Mamba Snake Ring make a proprietary mark on the attacker as the mouth of the snake stores the DNA. The ring can be used as an extension of your fist and can claw, strike, pierce, and collect DNA.

Self-Defense Hair Accessories + Hair Daggers

The Mamba Hair Dagger has the same proprietary mouth to pierce and collect DNA, along with a 3.5 inch knife-like end to pierce and stab for defense. It should used as an extension of your hand and can stab, strike, pierce, and collect DNA.

Self-Defense Nail Claws

The Mamba Nail Claws protect you by wrapping around your fingertips and act as an extension to pierce and claw allowing you to defending yourself and escape danger. On the back of the claws is our proprietary DNA collecting system so rest assured, they have the same capabilities as the rest of our line.

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