Celebrating My Birthday    February 2020

Today my 80 year old mother and my 88 year old father stopped by so that I could download the Whole Foods app on my mother’s cell phone.  They didn’t come inside and kept their masks on as we sat in the back yard – It killed me not to be able to hug or kiss them.  To have survived the Iranian Revolution only to be separated so abruptly by a virus…It’s unnerving and it kills me to think that our lives will never be the same – That I can’t get close enough to them to hug them, to smell them and to feel their skin. They brought me into the this world and despite all of our dysfunction, I love them with everything I have.  I respect them for the hardship they have endured and for doing their best to start a new life with nothing.

Photos dating back to 1969 to the day I was born me, my mom, dad and brother.  Me, my mom, grandmother and aunts in black and white photo – Tehran and Caspian Sea. 

It’s been an emotional day with my entire life flashing before me – I feel scattered but at the same time have clarity.

Will write more later….it’s been a long day.



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