I’m a mom, a friend; I’m somebody’s daughter, a survivor and seeker for the truth. I’m resilient, AND a lover of life who loves to explore.  I love to laugh, even when I’m nervous.  I don’t give up easily and am always looking for a better way. I’m a fixer, a fighter, and I wish I could save the world, stop everyone’s hurt and contribute to make a world that is all about peace, love and unity.

Well, for the most part I try to see the silver lining even in the most horrid situations.  I try to be hopeful  that truth matters and that it will prevail. That all the wrongs of the world will be set right –  Doesn’t that sound so ZEN & wonderful…well, the key words there is that I TRY to be that but the reality is that I have a pity parties, throw a fit like a toddler, and hate everyone who preaches being positive or what I just said.  I get mad at God, the universe or whatever for what life has brought me.

AND I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing.  All I know is that I want and need to write. Not sure what about, but just write.  This blog is about whatever! I don’t have a sense of direction and purpose! I’m figuring it out as I go along because I’ve come to learn that writing helps heal and I need to heal….